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What is Featurism?

Many black girls have personally heard the classic backhanded compliment- “You’re pretty for a black girl, are you mixed?” Though often heard from people outside of the black community, it’s increasingly heard just as often within it.  Right off the bat, that initial statement is racist because it essentially suggests that all other black women…

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How Gentrification is Stripping Harlem of Its Culture

A Black mecca. This is what I knew of where I lived as a child. Harlem was the breeding ground for African-American culture. It was the home of the Harlem Renaissance where several Black artists, writers, and visionaries expressed their artistic genius in unprecedented ways during the early 20th century. It has served influential residents,…

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Where is the Natural Hair Movement for 4C hair?

 Picture this: you have coily hair and you’re trying to find a new style to put your hair in, so you go to YouTube and search “easy natural hairstyles.” After clicking on the most viewed one, you immediately notice: this girl’s hair is nothing like yours. Most of the other top videos are the same, girls with…

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The New Marketing Technique: Black Outrage

Following Chadwick Boseman’s passing, many people, especially members of the Black community, felt saddened to see a cultural icon go so suddenly. We took to social media to grieve collectively. However, not everyone on social media shared the same sentiment. Many seemed more concerned about the future of Black Panther than the fact that a…

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How Reality Court Shows Exploit Black Communities

As I got ready for school, dramatic TV-court shows like Paternity Court and Divorce Court, or “chat” shows like Maury served as background noise. Yet, these shows display and, quite frankly, exploit problems that are anything but in the background of Black communities. As I watch the shows for the dramatism that makes them entertaining,…

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