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Biden and Harris, What’s Next?

Now that President Biden and Vice President Harris have been sworn in, it’s time to discuss priorities.  While the main focus at the moment is lessening the damage of COVID-19 in America, I’d say that there are other issues that are quite pressing as well. Most namely: institutional anti-Blackness. As many of us know, President […]

Impostor Syndrome: Exploring The Phenomenon That Contributes To Black Women’s Feelings of Inadequacy

If you ever felt like your success wasn’t yours to rightfully claim, you’ve probably experienced imposter syndrome. Discovered by psychologists Pauline Clanes and Suzanne Imes in 1978, imposter syndrome, or the imposter phenomenon, is the belief that your achievements are solely due to luck. You dismiss the contribution of your skills and qualifications. Clane later […]

A Black Woman’s Second Persona

It is an unspoken truth amongst women that every woman has a “dumbed-down” version of herself. A version that doesn’t speak up in group discussions or voice the thoughts that run around her mind. This is true amongst almost all women, whether this dumber version displays itself knowingly or unknowingly. Unfortunately, this dumber version of […]