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Black Life In The Spotlight Of Literature

The Black experience has often been not diverse in media and literature. We have been portrayed as drug dealers, drug addicts, criminals, or impoverished athletes who find miraculous success at the hands of a generous white coach. Black characters, when included, have been one-dimensional figures within white narratives.  However, increasing numbers of Black literary minds […]

How Colorism Changed The Perception of Black Beauty

Growing up in a predominantly white school, I heard “yeah you’re pretty, pretty for a Black girl” quite often. As a Black woman, that phrase left a mark- one that took a long time to heal. To put it blatantly, it’s dehumanizing and exhausting to hear.. The statement “you’re pretty for a Black girl” is […]

No, Black Women Are Not “Bitter” About Your Interracial Relationship

A Black boy on Tik Tok writes, “No hate but everytime I say I like white women, Black women always say to me ‘coon,’ ‘no taste,’ ‘go with those slave masters.’ But if I say I like Black women, white girls just say ‘oh ok.’”  The problematic notion that Black women are bitterly defensive when […]