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  • Drag Performance and Black Lives Matter

    Drag Performance and Black Lives Matter

    Black drag queens have been at the forefront of social justice movements since Stonewall, and this past decade has only seen this trend continue. Popular reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race has given several drag queens, both Black and not, a platform to use their voice and their drag to advocate for change. One being […]

  • The Colonisation of Black Beauty

    The Colonisation of Black Beauty

    Society has a love-hate relationship with Black beauty, our features are ridiculed and heavily disrespected, but they are loved and alluring on other races; just as long as that race is not ours. Since birth, we are told that our noses, our lips, our melanated skin and our hair texture is less than and that […]

  • What is Featurism?

    What is Featurism?

    Many black girls have personally heard the classic backhanded compliment- “You’re pretty for a black girl, are you mixed?” Though often heard from people outside of the black community, it’s increasingly heard just as often within it.  Right off the bat, that initial statement is racist because it essentially suggests that all other black women […]

  • My Experience with Colorism and Why I Started This Blog

    As a child in my small town, it was very rare for me to see others that looked like myself. Outside of my Saturday mornings spent in African dance classes, the only other young black girl I had to look up to within my community was my older sister. Despite this lack of representation within […]