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Dear Dark Skinned Girl is a blog focused on creating content to empower young Black women across the country and across the globe. Here, our team speaks out on issues such as colorism, hair discrimination, media representation, and more. Join the conversation and check out our most recent posts below!

Kanye West: A Man Digs his Own Grave

Black professionals are granted a narrow space in which they can exist. On one polar end of the scale, they must exemplify the absolute best of their field; absolute excellence is their minimum requirement. On the other end, the far more captivating end, Black professionals are little more than exhibits for public viewing. Their outbursts,…

The Dangers of High School Sweethearts

The dream of being high school or college sweethearts is common among young relationships. From many of our childhood movies and shows, these scenes are displayed as the ultimate goal within young adults. In such conversations, however, I feel like the danger of such devotion to romantic relationships and partners at a young age is…

Drag Performance and Black Lives Matter

Black drag queens have been at the forefront of social justice movements since Stonewall, and this past decade has only seen this trend continue. Popular reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race has given several drag queens, both Black and not, a platform to use their voice and their drag to advocate for change. One being…

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