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Love Your Past, Embarrassing and All

There is a great emphasis on change as we grow into young adults; adapting to changing surroundings, friendships, priorities and ultimately changing selves. Yet, I rarely hear of loving our past selves who are not actually fully abandoned as we “grow-up.” They are still foundations for our new beings, so why can’t we celebrate and […]

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Do the Right Thing: A Lesson on Empathy

Do the Right Thing is a comedy/drama movie created in 1989. The movie focuses on the day-to-day activities of different people in a predominantly Black community and their rivalries with neighboring non-Black business owners.  The main character in the movie, Mookie, is played by Spike Lee. He works as a pizza delivery boy for an […]

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The Push Against Anti-Racist Education

The Black Lives Matter Movement of this past summer forced several educational institutions to push for changes in both their curricula and culture that should have occurred long ago. Several primarily white institutions, or PWIS, have released statements committing to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism. Among these institutions is Dalton, an elite New York City […]

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How Reality Court Shows Exploit Black Communities

As I got ready for school, dramatic TV-court shows like Paternity Court and Divorce Court, or “chat” shows like Maury served as background noise. Yet, these shows display and, quite frankly, exploit problems that are anything but in the background of Black communities. As I watch the shows for the dramatism that makes them entertaining, […]

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Hair Days

Since I was a little girl, Sundays were my hair days. Starting at the age of four, I have shared locs with the many members of my extended family- from my 70 year old step-grandmother to my 27 year old uncle. My hair also created a guaranteed moment of connection between my mother and me […]

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Dealing With Black Trauma

This past month has opened my eyes to see things in ways I did not see them before. This month has also felt like a never-ending cycle of bad news. Every time I see a new racially motivated attack/shooting I find myself not even being able to react. The word I would use to describe […]

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Black Life In The Spotlight Of Literature

The Black experience has often been not diverse in media and literature. We have been portrayed as drug dealers, drug addicts, criminals, or impoverished athletes who find miraculous success at the hands of a generous white coach. Black characters, when included, have been one-dimensional figures within white narratives.  However, increasing numbers of Black literary minds […]

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How Colorism Changed The Perception of Black Beauty

Growing up in a predominantly white school, I heard “yeah you’re pretty, pretty for a Black girl” quite often. As a Black woman, that phrase left a mark- one that took a long time to heal. To put it blatantly, it’s dehumanizing and exhausting to hear.. The statement “you’re pretty for a Black girl” is […]

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