Author: Zainab Pate

  • Stop Asking Black Girls About Their Hair.

    Stop Asking Black Girls About Their Hair.

    At my predominately white school, I have been asked many questions regarding my hair by non-Black people. Whenever I would get my hair straightened, I would face the same question: “Is that a wig?” Not only is that question extremely disrespectful, it is also just very unnecessary. Why does my hair concern you? Something I […]

  • Colorism In The Cosmetics Industry

    Colorism In The Cosmetics Industry

    You know that feeling of excitement when you’re going to McDonald’s for ice cream and as you’re pulling up the worker says that the machine doesn’t work? Well, that feeling of disappointment is what I always feel walking into a makeup store. Growing up, going to Sephora, Claire’s, or my local CVS was always an […]

  • The White Savior Complex in Media and Activism

    Throughout the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and conversations about racial justice that have been taking place since May, the white savior complex has become very prevalent. Faima Bakar, a writer for the British newspaper Metro, defines a white savior complex as “a white person who acts to help non-white people, but in a context which can […]

  • The Adultification and Hyper-sexualization of Black Girls

    The Adultification and Hyper-sexualization of Black Girls

    Content Warning: Sexual Assault I remember being 12 years old and walking into my local 7-11 eager to buy candy with my white friend. We walked through all the aisles until we saw the candy I liked. I opened my wallet to make sure I had enough money, and so did my friend. As we […]