Author: Winifred Matanmi

  • Abolishing the Model Minority Myth

    Abolishing the Model Minority Myth

    The model minority myth is an idea that encourages racism and drives a wedge between minority groups, forcing them to focus on being against each other rather than against their oppressors. White supremacists have often used this idea to place minorities into two categories: “The obedient, token minority” and “The threatening disobedient minority.” Those who […]

  • Do the Right Thing: A Lesson on Empathy

    Do the Right Thing: A Lesson on Empathy

    Do the Right Thing is a comedy/drama movie created in 1989. The movie focuses on the day-to-day activities of different people in a predominantly Black community and their rivalries with neighboring non-Black business owners.  The main character in the movie, Mookie, is played by Spike Lee. He works as a pizza delivery boy for an […]

  • Dealing With Black Trauma

    Dealing With Black Trauma

    This past month has opened my eyes to see things in ways I did not see them before. This month has also felt like a never-ending cycle of bad news. Every time I see a new racially motivated attack/shooting I find myself not even being able to react. The word I would use to describe […]

  • Tell Me More About Black Women

    Tell Me More About Black Women

    The events that have occurred over the past year have broken and reshaped the lives of people all over the world. It is true that being in a state of quarantine & experiencing a global pandemic has changed the lives of many, but I speak of one series of events that have been brought to […]

  • The Black Women in The Shadows

    The Black Women in The Shadows

    When you think of the Black Lives Movement, which names come to mind? Is it George Floyd? Is it Jacob Blake? Maybe you think of Ahmaud Arbery or Breonna Taylor. Regardless of who comes to mind, you know that the Black Lives Matter movement is centered around the injustice inflicted upon the Black community. That […]

  • A Black Woman’s Second Persona

    A Black Woman’s Second Persona

    It is an unspoken truth amongst women that every woman has a “dumbed-down” version of herself. A version that doesn’t speak up in group discussions or voice the thoughts that run around her mind. This is true amongst almost all women, whether this dumber version displays itself knowingly or unknowingly. Unfortunately, this dumber version of […]